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If you ask about Sindhi dress and Sindhi embroidery, then it is such a look like that is rice shape stitch type. 
It is not mandatory that the use of this Sindhi dress design stitch is an important factor in the cultural culture that will be worn with embroidery suit. That means, if you go to the gents, see the embroidery above their hat and If the ladies go towards their shoes, on the bracelet on their shoes and in addition to their Sindhi dress, it is embroidery.

Patka is called Chunri in her culture, the strip is removed from the script, which is called Sindhi Chunri. Ladies are also made hats on which Sindhi is embroidery and whichever bracelet includes many things on which Sindhi is embroidered. gents are also embroidery on Sindhi dress included in Sindhi embroidery for gents. Sindh embroidery is an integral part of Sindh that they must comply with. Sindhi embroidery starts from Sindh and is connected to Sindh and cannot be removed from it.

If Sindhi embroidery is made with the embroidery of the second, then it will be much better. If made of Sindhi embroidery together in Punjab embroidery, it would be more like. Actually, Sindhi Embroidery had a lot of production with the help of the hand in the film Streaming. After that, Sindhi embroidery has been upgraded now with modern computer machinery and very fast production is being received. Two embroideries have been made in Sindhi embroidery, two kinds of machinery, for which only to embroidery is embroidery. They have the use of the most unique colours and there is no prevention, generally, every colour looks absorbed. Indeed, the Hindi culture is very old, it can not be ignored is a lot more in this, only Sindhi is not embroidery, if it is removed from Sindh's culture, if Sindhi embroidery is removed, nothing will be left behind it will change the language.
But Sindhi Embroidery is a special component Sindhi Sindh is a province you see it in videos or watch their photos or follow their culture, such culture will be visible to the cultures that will be unique. It will be interesting to see that every person will have to wear in Sindhi embroidery. If Sindhi is without embroidery, then culture will look insufficient you see a Sindhi, you are definitely incorporated in a dress in a hat in some dress without this, the culture of Sindh cannot be a pleasure, it is heart to see Sindhi embroidery. Its beautiful style is such that the quality of the Sindhi dress is worth praising.
Especially because of the use of multiple colours there is no colour that is not related to it was not so famous when the Sindhi culture started, only women used to embroidery in their homes by making wooden frames, hands were made embroidery with hand, but slowly changing time, Sindhi trend grew up and became popular Punjabi embroidery is also made with Punjabi embroidery in Punjab so that beauty is also its very province's work is different and culture also features every morning in its workSindh is a province which is a culture trend Sindhi embroidery province of embroiderySindhi embroidery is made in Sindh only and can be copied as it is doing most of the time. There is only a standard of Sindhi embroidery work in Sindh only. Rajasthan culture is a separate culture that implies with Sindhi embroidery.
Rajasthan is a separate category and Sindhi category is separate, Sindh is the province of Pakistan and Rajasthan is the province of India. Rajasthan and Sindhi are the difference between embroidery dress. The embroidery of Sindhi dress design and embroidery is only in Pakistan. Sindh wants to keep its culture alive in Sindhi dress design and Sindhi embroidery. It is also difficult to assess the beginning of Sindhi embroidery and increasingly increases over time. Even when there was a lack of population in Sindh, Sindhi embroidery was preferred in Sindh and the number of population has now been increased in Sindh but has not left its nature and Sindhi embroidery. Rather, the rest has been reversed and indeed, when Sindh is seen, we will first see Sindhi embroidery in Sindhi culture for Sindhi dress design.
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